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Colour - Front: Grey / Back: White

Size: 2.0m x 1.4m



  • Exquisite fabric with the finest, resistant fabrics to create a play mat that last a long time
  • Play Mat Interior - Ultra High Density 8 Ply Rigid & Resilient PE For Better Impact Absorption And Increased Durability
  • High density + high capacity thick fabric with urethane up to 280g which is more than normal PU
  • Superb softness & a premium leather look create a smooth & soft touch without skin irritationW
  • Waterproof for Both sides of the playmat
  • High temperature treatment of up to 48hrs to remove harmful substances and odor
  • Friction & noise reduction when the fabric and the interior material rub against each other

EDO BABY PLAYMAT for First Babyroom Front: Gray / Back: White 2.0MX1.4M

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