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All New My FAMY Dinosaur Spring Car Set 


It is 3-in-1 car toy with a cute FAMY Dinosaur Design and soft natural colours for toddler.

- Push Car 

- Ride-On Car

- Bouncing Car



Spring Car Set : length 62.5cm x width 83.7cm x height 88.7cm

FAMY Dinosaur Push Car : length 27.3cm x width 53.4cm x height 84.8cm

Spring Car Base : length 45.5cm x width 60.2cm x height 36cm


Weight Limit: upto 35kg

Recommend Age: 3yrs+

Material: PE / PP /  Steel / PP Fiber


  • FAMY DINOSAUR's Honrs are made of Silicone
  • Non-Slip Pads on the bottom of Spring Car Base
  • Safety Guard at the side so that keeping children safe while they are sitting or playing
  • Sturdy Backrest allows toddlers to lean safely
  • Safety Handel on FAMY allows children to balance by themselve so that they can play safely
  • The elastic rope on the base is maximizing elasticity and strong durability for toddler to jump safely
  • 2 level adjustable handle for parents to pus the car easily
  • Simple converting function from push car to ride-on car by removing the handle and guard
  • Spring Car Base is height adjustable
  • Wheels are made of Urathane that minimises its noise and to roll smoothly whil they play
  • BPA Free and Non-Toxic materials used

My FAMY Spring Car 3yr+

Expected shipment by the 2-3rd week of July 2024
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